Youtuber desnuda selva

Una youtuber se va a vivir a la selva desnuda y la acusan de ser un fraude

“Hace 11 años me cambié el nombre de Freelee durante un viaje, porque la libertad es lo que considero más sagrado en la vida. Desde entonces he estado quitando las capas que me detienen. Me liberé de los horarios de esclava 9-5 y me mudé a la jungla. Paso la mayor parte del día desnuda; libre de ropa restrictiva“. Así es el relato de su vida que hace Freelee, una youtuber de 37 años que cuenta con más de 700.000 seguidores en su canal.

There are people in this world who want to inspire positive change✋️and then there are others who want to bring those people down. One commenter said I was lying and living in a mansion out here and have a photographer who follows me around taking all my pics. Not quite hunny. 😅 In reality I've been living in a simple tent for many months, through monsoonal rains and gale force winds. It's been REALLY tough at times. No photographer but I do have Mr Tripod enabling me to video myself and then take screenshots for Instagram. Another commenter said I'm a fraud for having a smartphone, internet, and electricity. Yes, I do have a smart phone (but no reception), laptop and internet made possible through a satellite connection. Necessary tools of communication and income. This means I can share with you what I see as an empowering urgent message. At this stage I can't send you that message telepathically 🤷‍♀️The electricity I use is 100% free and generated by 6 solar panels harnessing the suns rays. I don't have any lights so go to bed on sundown and get up on sunrise, as nature intended. I drink from (and bathe in) pristine stream water free of cost and city pollutants. I eat a frugivorous diet which is mostly grown here organically with a goal of 100% free food in the coming years. Living off the grid doesn't mean you have to exist like a hermit who doesn't communicate with the outside world. We are creating a beautiful natural life here and I want to inspire you do the same. ☀️#gofreeyourself

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Esta australiana se encontraría en algún lugar de Sudamérica que no especifica y asegura llevar un estilo de vida que está al alcance de cualquiera: “Me deleito principalmente con frutas y verduras orgánicas recogidas de la tierra. Me ducho con las lluvias monzónicas y bebo de arroyos prístinos. Dejé una relación insalubre y encontré la paz. No me he afeitado el pelo, no me he teñido el pelo ni me he maquillado en más de 6 meses… Me siento más libre que nunca en la vida. ¡Esto no es buena suerte al azar! Tú también PUEDES crear esta libertad, y estoy aquí para inspirarte”.

In my eyes you are successful in life when you have the courage to embrace who you really are, however strange or peculiar that may be. Regardless of whether it fits with societies expectations or cultural norms. Growing up I often said the wrong things, didn't have the right clothing, or the right look, and was laughed at or excluded for being "a bit weird". I never felt fully accepted. Over time I learned to keep my "uncool" thoughts to myself and adapt my appearance so others would feel comfortable being around me. This only left me feeling internally suppressed and frustrated, (certainly not free) until one day when I reached my threshold and thought – ahh fuuuck it, this is boring! And this isn't me! – From then on I decided to just let the TRUE me flow, to be my rawself, to act impulsively, to own that embarrassed look from others and to be the awkward freak I'm born to be. 😅The result? Goodbye fake friendships, hello soul mates ☀️#gofreeyourself

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Como era de esperar, no son pocos los que han puesto en entredicho toda esta parafernalia que muchos han tildado de postureo. Así es como ella responde a los críticos: “Un comentador dijo que estaba mintiendo y viviendo en una mansión y que un fotógrafo me sigue para tomar todas mis fotos. En realidad, he vivido en una simple tienda durante muchos meses, a través de lluvias monzónicas y vientos huracanados. Ha sido REALMENTE difícil a veces. No hay fotógrafo, pero tengo el Sr. Trípode. Otro comentarista dijo que soy un fraude por tener un teléfono inteligente, internet y electricidad. Sí, tengo un teléfono inteligente (pero no hay recepción), una computadora portátil y conexión a Internet posible a través de una conexión por satélite. Esto significa que puedo compartir con ustedes lo que veo como un mensaje urgente de empoderamiento”.

Lately I go days without looking in the mirror even once, and I find it incredibly freeing. This was definitely not always the case. As a young woman I became obsessed with my reflection. I would spend hours a day analysing and comparing. Was it because I was vain? Because I thought I was too perfect for this world? On the contrary, I saw a face filled with 'imperfections'. I believed the story I was told by advertisements, that I was born inadequate and in desperate need of enhancement. I saw normal human charateristics as defects to be erased or covered; to be ashamed of. I hated my skin, especially my freckles. My smile was too narrow and my teeth too crooked. My top lip too skinny. Eyes not big enough. My hair too fine. The reality is, I didn't see the real me in the mirror. I didn't see the cheeky girl who loved to explore nature for hours and play in the dirt and creeks, instead I saw the ugly lies the beauty industry fed me. I've now been many months without makeup, fake lashes, creams, treatments etc and it feels so damn liberating. Remember, you were not born flawed, you were born into a flawed system. You were designed to be wild and free, to get dirty, to love and laugh, to explore and experience this beautiful planet – not to stress over your humanness. Don't buy the lie$ #gofreeyourself

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“La electricidad que uso es 100 % gratis y está generada por 6 paneles solares que aprovechan los rayos del sol. No tengo luces, así que ve a la cama al ponerse el sol y levántate al amanecer, como lo concibió la naturaleza. Como una dieta frugívora que se cultiva principalmente aquí orgánicamente con el objetivo de alimentos 100 % gratuitos en los próximos años. Vivir fuera de la red no significa que tengas que existir como un ermitaño que no se comunica con el mundo exterior. Estamos creando una hermosa vida natural aquí y quiero inspirarte a hacer lo mismo”, sostiene la youtuber.

I used to work in a concrete jungle, now I just work in the jungle.🐒 How did this happen? Well, I woke up one morning dreading the work day ahead. I was exhausted with the 9-5 grind. Waking to an alarm, commuting over a hour a day dressed in a restrictive suit, painting my face to 'look the part', binding my feet in high heels, and faking a smile to the public. I was sick of working my life away making someone else rich. Maybe the worst, I was bored. I wanted to be turned on and to FEEL something meaningful everyday. That morning I decided to free myself from being a slave. There wasn't any social media back then so I transitioned by becoming a personal trainer with my own business. Soon after I found veganism and my true passion in life.🤝 Don't be afraid, you CAN create this too. One day I will do a video on it. #gofreeyourself #jungleoffice

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